Green graphene and carbonized lignin

Green graphene and carbonized lignin

Publicerat 2 mars, 2021

Once again, we are dipping our toes into the world of lignin. The possibilities are great, and the solutions are many. This time we get acquainted with lignin-based carbons and graphene.

During a one-hour webinar Omid Hosseinaei, a researcher working on lignin-based materials at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, will give a presentation on carbonized materials from lignin. We will also get to know about Bright Day Graphene and their “green graphene” produced from lignin.

– Graphene can be described as a material of the future. With its outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, it has the potential to revolutionize the material market, says Anna Carlsson, CTO, Co-Founder of Bright Day Graphene.

The benefits of Graphene are many; it is super strong, flexible, transparent, and has the highest electrical conductivity in a material known today. In perfect graphene, the electrical resistance can be as low as zero. It is also a 2D-material. It has only one layer of molecules. This makes it super thin, which gives it a very high surface but very low volume. This characteristic is what makes graphene so interesting for applications within energy storage and electronic applications.


Lignin-based carbons

Lignin is an attractive renewable precursor for manufacturing different carbonized materials due to its high carbon content. It has been studied for manufacturing a broad range of carbonized materials such as activated carbon, different types of carbon fibers, carbon foams, carbon black, and graphene. Here, a summary on the application of lignin in carbonized materials will be presented by Omid Hosseinaei a researcher working on lignin-based materials at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Green Graphene for High Tech Applications- Graphene made from Lignin

What is green graphene, what can it be used for and what are the future possibilities? Anna Carlsson, CTO, Co-Founder at the start-up company Bright Day Graphene AB tells their story of how they developed the super material graphene from lignin. You will also get to know about the start-ups plans for scaling up and market launch.

When: March 11, at 2 p.m.
Where: Zoom, click here to register

Start: 11/3 , kl. 14:00