The combination of lignin and electronics – opportunities and challenges

The combination of lignin and electronics – opportunities and challenges

Publicerat 4 April, 2023

Welcome to a webinar where we meet RISE researchers Jesper Edberg and Hjalmar Granberg, who will talk about what happens when you combine the competence of lignocellulose with that of electronics. What are the possibilities and challenges, and how can the area of biobased and green electronics impact our future society?  

When: April 27, at 2-3 PM (concludes with an open discussion for those who want to stay until 3:15 PM)
Where: Digital via Zoom

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Hjalmar Granberg works at RISE Bioeconomy and Health in the unit for Smart Materials. Since his PhD in Paper Optics he has mostly been working within cross-disciplinary teams on biobased composites, papermaking with new functionalities, self-opening packaging and biobased electronics. Hjalmar is involved as one of the project leaders in the ten year program of the Digital Cellulose Center, which includes both industry and academia.

Jesper Edberg works as a researcher and project manager at RISE Bio- and Organic Electronics in Norrköping. He has a PhD in physics and work mainly with printed electronics and bio-based electronics, and is involved in the Digital Cellulose Center as a scientific leader. 

The Digital Cellulose Center aims to develop sustainable, circular electronics by combining forest materials and IoT. The research within the Digital Cellulose Center will focus on digital cellulose, combining cellulose with electroactive material, making it possible to develop electrically active cellulose products that can communicate with the digital world while remaining sustainable. This could mean entirely new types of active packaging solutions, able to sense and adapt to their surroundings, or paper rolls able to store energy from solar cells or wind power. 

Start: 27/4 , kl. 14:00