Extraction of lignin


Since the test bed LignoCity was built 2006 by Innventia the process that is used to extract the lignin is named LignoBoost. It is a process technology that extracts high-quality lignin from black liquor, which is a by-product from wood in the production of sulphate pulp.

Separating lignin from the pulp production does not only mean that lignin can be used for better things than being burned to create energy to the mills. It also means that the mills can increase the capacity of the recovery boiler. If 25 percent of the lignin is removed, a 20–25 percent increase of pulp production is made possible.

The LignoBoost process is owned by Valmet and is based on a research collaboration between Innventia and Chalmers that started in 1996.

LignoCity can receive black liquor from external mills to test the technique.  We can also provide a mobile separation plant that can be transported around the world.