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LignoCity has a direct connection to the business world through RISE Research Institutes of Sweden‘s large contact networks and internal competence. RISE has everything from project managers to researchers in the lignin field. With the cooperation with more actors, the network of contacts is further expanded.


The Paper Province cluster is tied to the test bed and can offer assistance. They are big in forest bioeconomy and have over a hundred member companies connected to the industry as well as collaboration with many more. In addition to the large network of contacts that can, for example, provide access to necessary resources such as competence, equipment and industrial floors. Through Paper Province, you can also take advantage of Industry Entry support, which acts as a door opener to the industry.


Närsam, Kristinehamn’s business collaboration, is also strongly linked to LignoCity. They work to support, stimulate and develop Kristinehamn’s business life and can offer help in new businesses, establishments and innovation.


Region Värmland works together with the county’s actors to strengthen the climate and environmental perspective in the regional growth work. The region does this, for example, by promoting an emerging bioeconomy.


As a start-up, LignoCity can also offer help together with Sting Bioeconomy. They provide guidance, help with funding and recruitment, access to networking and marketing, office space and startup programs.


Nordic Paper has five paper mills, located in Bäckhammar, Åmotfors and Säffle in Sweden, Greåker in Norway and Québec in Canada. All mills produce paper and in Bäckhammar the company also produces its own pulp.


AFRY offers services that cover the entire bio-based value chain, from new product evaluation to biomass availability analyzes and technical feasibility assessments, to taking an investment from the concept stage to full-scale commercial production.

Lixea is a London-based company that has developed a process to extract biomaterials such as cellulose and lignin using salt solution. The technology allows more biomass to be extracted, which in turn contributes to lower use of fossil materials. Since May 2022, Lixea has pilot equipment for separating biomass in LignoCity’s premises.


In April 2023, the Gothenburg-based company Swedish Exergy moved into LignoCity in Bäckhammar. A smaller pilot steam dryer is set up to give customers the opportunity to dry different materials on a smaller scale and to test how the steam in the dryer affects the product and what can work to scale up.