Open test facility

Develop your ideas, products, and applications here

LignoCity is an open test facility for the development of ideas and products. Also called a test bed. It is a place where new materials, products, and processes can be tested.

By using a test environment, companies reduce the risks during the development of new products. For instance, instead of going straight to a commercial launch, the new product can be tested and developed under real conditions.

LignoCity is one of a kind. It is the only open test facility in the world for lignin. Therefore we take our role to help customers develop their ideas, products, and applications, extra seriously since it is important to us to make use of lignin in the best possible way.

Close to the forest industry

LignoCity is located south of Kristinehamn, Sweden. We are neighbors to the paper and pulp mill Nordic Paper, which supplies us with black liquor from its production.

The forest industry in the region, Värmland, has a strong global presence and many branches around the world. So here we are close to the forest, the raw material, and the cutting-edge expertise.

LignoCity has a location with roughly the same distance as the big cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Oslo.

We offer connections and expertise

LignoCity is staffed by a competent team who are ready to help with the development of lignin-based products.

We can offer technical equipment and industrial flooring. In addition, we collaborate with several companies in areas such as research, innovation, and business development. All of whom can assist with expertise and technical resources.

Through the test bed and the connected contacts, there is safe to say that we offer a world-unique opportunity for those who like to investigate the opportunities with lignin.