New fossil-free board for furniture

New fossil-free board for furniture

Publicerat 9 February, 2022

The aim to develop completely fossil-free products is great. However, few manage to go all the way – to become completely biobased. Most often, coatings or binders are needed that do not fully achieve the goals. But now we can add a new furniture board to the list, largely thanks to lignin binders.

Through a collaboration between Stora Enso and the Finnish plywood manufacturer Koskisen, a bio-based board, specially developed for furniture production, has been made.

This new solution is a step forward towards a more sustainable development. It is also the first time a company uses Stora Enso’s bio-based binder NeoLigno. The binder is made from lignin from trees, in other words completely biobased.

“Stora Enso has commercially refined lignin since 2015. NeoLigno® is our first own binder that replaces fossil-based adhesive”s, says Lauri Lehtonen, Innovation Manager for Stora Enso’s Biomaterials division.

No harmful substances

The new furniture board is a step toward reducing potentially harmful chemicals in our home. Because even if they are not visible to the naked eye, there are chemicals in furniture, interior walls and insulation. By replacing these, the risk of negatively affecting the health of people is reduced.

The name of the board is The Zero Furniture Board and it will be commercially available this autumn.