Two part-webinar with Jerk Rönnols, RISE and Justine Charmillot, Bloom Biorenewables

Two part-webinar with Jerk Rönnols, RISE and Justine Charmillot, Bloom Biorenewables

Publicerat 2 May, 2023

Welcome to a webinar where we meet Jerk Rönnols, RISE, and Justine Charmillot, Bloom Biorenewables, who will talk about the opportunities and challenges of lignin in elastomeric materials.

When: May 9, at 2-3 PM (concludes with an open discussion for those who want to stay until 3:15 PM)
Where: Digital via Zoom

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Jerk Rönnols – Lignin elastomers

I work as a researcher in the intersection of chemical analysis and material science, with a particular focus on developing new advanced methods for industrial applications and for biobased materials.

This work also contains coordination with large scale research infrastructures, development of data evaluation based on artificial intelligence and method delvelopment for lignin analysis.

I have a particular competence in NMR spectroscopy, lignin analysis and carbohydrate chemistry.


Justine Charmillot – Elastomeric materials or surface active compounds

Justine Charmillot is a researcher chemist at Bloom Biorenewables working on lignin valorization, who is very interested in green chemistry. Her main goal is the development of products made from lignin to propose sustainable alternatives.

Justine’s presentation will first briefly cover Bloom’s fractionation technology. It will then explore the potential applications and products that arise from Bloom’s lignin, such as elastomeric materials or surface active compounds, the production of lignin oligomers and monomers for materials and fine chemicals, and the potential of aldehyde functionalized lignin for the development of sustainable products.


Start: 9/5 , kl. 14:00