Production of lignin-based batteries

Production of lignin-based batteries

Publicerat 7 September, 2021

Stora Enso has begun the development of new environment friendly batteries for electric vehicles, consumer electronics and large energy storage systems. What makes it extra special is the fact that it is made by the wood-based material lignin.

During the next ten years the global market for batteries is expected to increase tenfold. The increased demand for electric cars and sustainable batteries places new demands on battery manufacturers to find sustainable materials for electrified vehicles that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electric cars.

Replacement of the traditional use of graphite

Today, fossil-based carbon is used in the anodes of rechargeable batteries. But by converting lignin separated from wood to carbon-based anode material, the synthetic and non-renewable graphite can be replaced.

“When our pilot plant now starts production, Stora Enso becomes part of a new value chain that can supply more durable anode materials for batteries. With Lignode, we can offer a bio-based, competitive material with high performance that can replace the traditionally used graphite. In order to meet the demand from the fast-growing anode market, we are now exploring strategic collaborations to scale up and accelerate commercialization in Europe”, says Markus Mannström, head of Stora Enso’s Biomaterials division, in a press release.