Meet Vijaya Lakshmi Vegunta, researcher at RISE

Meet Vijaya Lakshmi Vegunta, researcher at RISE

Publicerat 11 July, 2023

Say hi to Vijaya Lakshmi Vegunta, one of our new colleagues at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden!

“I have recently joined RISE as a research and development engineer in chemical analysis department within lignin unit. Before coming to RISE I completed my doctoral studies in Fiber & Polymer Science at KTH. During my study period at KTH I worked with various analytical techniques and instruments. I have also obtained good knowledge in wood components and chemistry.

At RISE, I’m doing different analytical techniques – mainly metal analysis and carbohydrate analysis– in the lab. I’m interested in developing research and techniques to study possibilities of wood components in sustainability and development.

Currently, I am closely working with my team of colleagues and participating in customer meetings. My role in the coming days is to be able to connect research with the analytical techniques in the project and communicate this to our customers.

My favorite way to load energy after work is cooking, biking (in the summertime) and spending time with family.”

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