Meet Robert Gustavsson, project manager at RISE and site manager at LignoCity

Meet Robert Gustavsson, project manager at RISE and site manager at LignoCity

Publicerat 28 October, 2022

Can you tell us a little bit about your job?

“I have internal responsibility for RISE LignoCity. The job covers everything from communicating with stakeholders, and customers to ensuring that we have a safe facility. In the LignInnovation project, currently ongoing to develop LignoCity, my focus is mainly on startups and small and medium-sized enterprises and the development of the pilot area in LignoCity. We want to be able to offer more companies the opportunity to scale up their ideas here.”

What is the best part of your job?

“The best part is to feel like I’m contributing to more sustainable solutions that can help prevent the spreading of climate change.”

If you must know three things about lignin, what would that be according to you?

“Lignin has great potential. But today, only a fraction of all lignin is used for anything else than combustion to create energy, which means its full potential and value is not reached. The second thing is that lignin can be the raw material used for manufacturing biodegradable plastics. And the third is that lignin has an odor that is not appreciated by everyone, but a major plant for odor-free lignin is currently being built in LignoCity, south of Kristinehamn, in Sweden.”

How can LignoCity help innovators and businesses?

“We can grant access to the raw material. We can also bring together different stakeholders who benefit from collaboration and offer a pilot site for those who wish to test their ideas on a larger scale.”

How can I get help from LignoCity?

“Reach out to one of our contacts at our website.”

What does the concept of sustainability mean to you?

“That we use the resources and assets of the earth in a way that ensures that they are available for future generations as well.”

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

“I like taking care of the forest I own. In a fast-changing world, the forest gives me peace of mind and grants me a long-term perspective on sustainability. I am stimulated by the fact that the actions I take today will lay the foundation for the next generation.”