Meet Gry Lenschow Andersen, Project Manager at Paper Province

Meet Gry Lenschow Andersen, Project Manager at Paper Province

Publicerat 16 June, 2023

Now it’s time to introduce some of the people engaged in the LignoCity network! Gry Lenschow Andersen is one of them, working as a Project Manager at Paper Province.

Hello Gry, can you tell us a little about what you do at work?

– As a project manager at Paper Province, I will take part in various projects connected to the bioeconomy in this region. Paper Province will always be there to help our members to be more innovative and successful in our transition to a more sustainable future. As an industrial designer from the beginning, I have always been interested in creating new opportunities and products. My personal interests reflects the need of creating different things in my woodshop.

In what way are you involved in the project Lignin for Future and LignoCity?

– I have a small part in this project, but hopefully I will be able to connect our members to the possibility that opens up with Lignin for future.

What do you do on an ordinary Tuesday at work?

– I haven’t been at Paper Province more than 2 weeks, so I haven’t really had a random Tuesday yet. But my main focus area will be to make sure the needs of our members are well taken care of in different projects, and I will probably plan one larger project that I will be a part of.

What is your favorite way to load energy after work? 

– Spend time with my kids and try to get something done in my woodshop.