LignoCity puts Kristinehamn on the map
Photo: Kristinehamns kommun/Peter Strömberg.

LignoCity puts Kristinehamn on the map

Publicerat 6 September, 2021

Having a world-unique test bed for the development of lignin in Kristinehamn means several positive aspects from the municipality’s point of view. An increased network of contacts, a positive forward-thinking spirit and a way out into the world are some of the benefits the test bed has brought to the municipality.

– For me, LignoCity is a place where you as an innovator, entrepreneur, inventor or environmentally interested can come if you want to replace certain types of materials with more environmentally friendly alternatives, says Daniel Stenborg who is innovation leader at Närsam, Näringslivssamverkan i Kristinehamn AB.

Närsam is a municipal company with the aim of creating growth and contributing to a good business climate in the Värmland municipality with a little more than 24,000 inhabitants.

– My role as innovation leader means that I will be involved in creating conditions for innovative companies and companies to establish themselves in our municipality, says Daniel.

Diversified business

Närsam is one of the players that, in addition to RISE, is involved in driving and supporting the development of LignoCity.

– Of course, we try to be active and influence the business so it also fits what we want to achieve and then it is mainly about getting companies to the municipality that choose to establish themselves and grow here.

According to Daniel, there are many benefits for small and medium-sized companies that want to establish themselves in Kristinehamn.

– We have a very diversified business community here. Here are some large, world-leading companies and many small and medium-sized players. The fact that we also have LignoCity means that we can profile ourselves and offer something really unique.

Important network

In addition to the test bed itself and the opportunities it brings, Daniel believes that more positive aspects come from LignoCity.

– The network around the test bed is very important to us, we get traction in getting in touch with companies that want to establish themselves. Our partners RISE, Paper Province, the region and more, together with the webinars that are held help everyone to lift LignoCity and thereby also Kristinehamn.

In addition, he says, little Kristinehamn gets a direct contact route straight out into the world. A scenario he would like to see continued in the future.

– Of course, like many others, I hope that this business will become like a self-playing piano and that entrepreneurs from all over the world will see Kristinehamn as a natural place to establish themselves.