A new start for the old boiler house in Bäckhammar

A new start for the old boiler house in Bäckhammar

Publicerat 16 October, 2023

The long-awaited renovation of Nordic Paper’s old boiler house at the entrance to LignoCity has now begun – the old building will undergo a major renovation including roof repairs and improvements to walls and facade. The renovation is carried out by Boman & Svahn according to drawings by Sweco. 

“The renovation of the boiler house is part of our future investments within Lignocity and will accommodate both a deodorization plant for lignin and a dryer for lignin and other biomass,” says Robert Gustavsson, site manager at LignoCity. “Our goal is that this should contribute to promoting innovation and sustainable development.” 

The deodorization facility will be used to take processes previously successfully tested on a lab scale to more large-scale production – an important step in the development of odorless and commercially viable lignin products suitable for use in an indoor environment. 

A drier for biomass will be installed next door to the deodorization plant in the boiler house – an investment that is expected to provide the conditions to use lignin and other biomass to reach products such as bioplastics, bitumen for asphalt, joint compounds and energy storage materials. 

It has been a conscious choice to refresh and reuse the old boiler house instead of building a completely new structure, as it is a special and grand building of a kind that is rarely built nowadays. Nordic Paper also plans to demolish a number of houses that are in poor condition adjacent to the boiler house, and we look forward to having a welcoming entrance to the area after the turn of the year 2023/2024 when the renovated boiler house will be the first thing a visitor sees at the gate.