SEK 20 million to support the development of LignoCity

SEK 20 million to support the development of LignoCity

Publicerat 1 June, 2018

Lignin has great potential. It can be converted into environmentally friendly fuels, bioplastics and into carbon fibres that you can use to create cars, aircraft and batteries. The possibilities are grate. To develop them and get the word out the project LignoCity20 has ben granted 20 million Swedish crowns.

In a future bioeconomy, we must utilize our forest optimally. Lignin, which is a residual product from the pulp and paper mills, is an important puzzle piece in this process. The research and testing sight next to the paper mill in Bäckhammar, Sweden, is the only one in the world that can produce tailor-made lignin grades in sufficient quantities for upscaling. The test facility is called LignoCity.

Promoting new business models

The new project, that´s been granted SEK 20 million to develop LignoCity, is about finding carbon dioxide-smart solutions around the lignin and building new business models.

“It is a awesome project. We are promoting the development towards a more low-carbon economy and the transition to a bio-based society”, says Paul Nemes, Vice President of Paper Province.
LignoCity2.0 or the longer version of the name “Low carbon economy through the development of LignoCity” is a tree year project funded to 50 percent by the European Regional Development.
The project is run by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, who is the project owner, and Paper Province, Kristinehamn municipality (Närsam) and Karlstads Universitet. Region Värmland, Nordic Paper and RenFuel are also included in the project.
The participants will all work together to let SME now the possibility of lignin. To generate more inventions based on the material and to make the area of the facility, in Bäckhammar and Kristinehamn, the place to be if you are interested in product development linked to lignin.