Create environmentally friendly products with lignin

Create environmentally friendly products with lignin

Publicerat 27 May, 2020

By using the tree’s natural adhesive, lignin, fossil-free carbon fiber, bioplastics and binders can be created and give life to a wide variety of products. The wood-based material has many properties and is available to everyone at LignoCity. The facility is still open for visits and ready to help with exciting product developments.

In times of Covid-19 climate change has been given a new focus. Media coverage worldwide has enlightened people how much our living is affecting the world. There are a lot of changes that has to be done. One is a radical reduce of fossil-based products. By creating biological products, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. So maybe now is a good time for innovators, product developers and producers to explore the possibility of developing green products.

One of the materials that can be used to do so is the agriculture material lignin. LignoCity offers the opportunity to take a closer look at the raw material.

“We are available and open to visitors. We welcome one or two at a time and follow the recommendations and advice given in times of Covid-19”, says Robert Gustavsson, project manager of LignoCity2.0.

The best help is provided

Process expertise is available at the lignin test bed in Bäckhammar, Sweden. In addition, the staff work closely with RISE, among others, who has knowledge and contacts in the field. The resources are simply optimized for customers to develop their products using lignin.

“We have a flexible lignin separation here that allows us to develop lignin with properties adapted for every customers need,” says Robert.

“If we lack equipment for something special, we can rent it”, emphasizes Stefan Andersson, from RISE, site manager of the plant.

For those who want to access the resources at LignoCity but do not want to physically attend, the staff is open to give a digital showing.

“We can do digital tours of the plant”, Robert Gustavsson ensures.

From sunscreen to bioplastics

Lignin is the binder of the plant fibres. By separating lignin from black liquor, which is a by-product of paper and pulp production, many new fossil-free products can be produced.

The molecules of the lignin contain a variety of properties, making it suitable for a wide range of products. Among other things, it can be used for bioplastics, carbon fibre, cosmetics, medicine, UV protection, fire protection, asphalt, and food. The possibilities are many and the test bed you can determine if lignin fits your product.