Lignin from idea to market – possibilities and challenges

Lignin from idea to market – possibilities and challenges

Publicerat 29 mars, 2021

Welcome to a two-part webinar focusing on possibilities an challenges in developing and using the forest based material lignin. What are they and how can the value of lignin be increased going from idea to market?

Challenges and possibilities of developing and using lignin for different applications

Ewellyn Capanema at RISE, who’s expertise is in lignin chemistry and applications, will give us an insight to the possibilities of using and developing lignin. Ewellyn has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and has twenty-plus years of experience in biobased product development, including pulping and biorefinery fundamentals and technologies.

Increasing the value of lignin from idea to market

Sami-Pekka, Sales Director at MetGen, a company with core competence in genetic engineering and synthetic biology, will give us his perspective on increasing the value of lignin from idea to market. Sami-Pekka has a Bachelor of Science degree and a degree in marketing. Hi has served the pulp and paper industry, specialty chemical solution provider organizations holding sales and management positions. The last 6 years he’s been providing enzymatic solutions to multiple industries and been working on business development of MetGen’s novel biomass valorization technologies at customer and co-operating partner interface.

During the webinar you can ask questions in the chat. They will be answered in the end.


When: April 15, 2-3 p.m.

Where: Zoom

Registration: Is made here


Start: 15/4 , kl. 14:00