What is lignin?

Environmentally friendly raw material with great opportunities

The wood component lignin is an aromatic compound that exist in all plants. A tree usually consists of about 20-30 percent lignin, it is the “glue” that bonds the cellulose and fibers together and contributes to the strength of the tree.

At the paper and pulp mills, huge amounts of black liquor are being burned. It´s a rest-product of the production that´s used to create steam and green energy for the mills. So, it has its purpose. However, if the lignin is extracted it´s possible to create a higher value. You see, more than half of the black liquor consists of lignin and the materials potential is great. Lignin has properties that can be used to a wide range of applications. For example; the development for biofuels, carbon fibre, bioplastic, food flavouring and construction materials has come a long way. Few people know about the lignin’s possibilities and benefits, and how lignin open doors to more environmentally friendly products.