About us

Product and business development with lignin

LignoCity2.0, or full name: Low carbon economy through the development of LignoCity, is a project focusing on commercializing of sustainable processes and products linked to lignin.

The goal is to make it easier for small and medium-sized companies and innovators to take the step from idea to market. We will also work to develop the area of ​​use for an underutilized raw material, minimize costs and time between development phases and lead cooperation platforms for lignin-development.

To speed up the business process, we have put together an offer: GO. In three different packages we offer support to pave the way and “open doors”. We have gathered knowledge, expertise, experience, tools, instruments, industrial environments, financing advice and support. With other words – everything you might need to reach the goal as soon as possible to a minimize of costs. The process takes small steps in a protected but forward-driving environment.