Development of ideas, products, and business

LignoCity is an open test bed for development of lignin with availability to what is needed to take an idea all the way to market and become a finished product.

Many different sustainable products can be created out of lignin. It is an underutilized raw material from the forest with great potential, not least in the transition to a fossil-free society.

With the help of lignin, LignoCity aims to contribute to a positive and economically favorable societal development. We do so by making it easier for small and medium-sized companies and innovators to take the step from idea to market. We work to minimize costs and timeline between different development phases and run collaboration platforms for development.

Through the test bed and our large network of contacts, we have access to everything from raw material, workshops, industrial floors, and expertise. To speed up the business process, LignoCity offers the working model GO.

We support both innovators in the idea stage and companies with existing products they wish to develop further.

LignoCity is owned by RISE, however, several other partners such as Paper Province, Närsam, Karlstad University, Sting Bioeconomy and Nordic Paper are also working to support LignoCity.