Two part-webinar: From lab to full-scale production & Molecular weight determination of lignin

Two part-webinar: From lab to full-scale production & Molecular weight determination of lignin

Publicerat 12 April, 2022

Welcome to a two-part webinar. First, we meet Lars-Erik Sjögren, CEO of Biosorbe, who will let us know how the company has taken its product from lab to full-scale production. Thereafter Professor Antje Potthast takes us into the world of research about the molecular weight determination of lignin.

Biosorbe has developed a bio-based absorbent that looks like cotton but has significantly more impressive properties. Its purpose is to sanitize soil, water, and air. It has the unique ability to soak up oil without attracting water.

During the webinar, we get to meet Lars-Erik Sjögren who is the CEO of Biosorbe and works with his 5th startup company. His background is from various industries such as healthcare, the oil industry, and medical technology.


During the second part of the webinar, we meet Dr. Antje Potthast. She is a professor (chemistry of lignocellulose materials) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU). She works with the analysis and modification of biopolymers, especially cellulose and lignin in very different research areas including analytical method development, speed analysis for lignin characterization, methods for cellulose modification, and application strategies for lignocellulose biopolymers. 

The webinar is free of charge and an hour long. However, those who want to have the opportunity to stay afterward to continue the discussion with Lars-Erik and Antje more questions.

Biosorbe - From lab bench to full scale, lessons learned so far!

The CEO of Biosorbe, Lars-Erik Sjögren, will give us his reflections on the choices and decisions the company has taken during the journey. He will elaborate on the choice of partners for technology development, academia, capital acquisition, and commercial. He will also talk about choosing staff, geographical location, and the use of communication as a tool for a breakthrough.

Towards absolute molecular weight determination of lignin

This presentation will focus on the molar mass of lignins, in particular also technical lignins. Classical and more recent methods for molar mass determination of lignins are discussed. Special emphasis will be on possible problems and pitfalls associated with those materials.


When: April 28, 2 p.m.-3 p.m.

Where: Zoom

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The webinar is free of charge and is held in English. Pre-registration is required. The webinar will be recorded, but not the after-talk.

Start: 28/4 , kl. 14:00