Fossil free coating with lignin and a new pilot plant at LignoCity

Fossil free coating with lignin and a new pilot plant at LignoCity

Publicerat 25 January, 2021

Lignin is an important resource in the development towards a fossil-free society. Thanks to its wide properties, the raw material presents many possibilities. In addition to being used for bioplastics, carbon fiber and in asphalt, it can also be used for coating.

During this tow part webinar, the focus will first be on just that, coating. It is a common way to improve the optical properties and printability of everything from cardboard and wallpaper to industrial products and wood products.

With us is Peter Rättö, senior researcher in the lignin unit at RISE’s Department for Bio-economy and Health. He will discuss different possibilities of using lignin in coatings.

In the second part of the webinar, we get to meat Lixea, a start-up company from London who is building a pilot plant at LignoCity in Bäckhammar, Sweden. Lixea is developing an innovative biomass fractionation process using low-cost ionic liquids. Krisztina Kovács-Schreiner, a biochemical engineer with many years of experience, will join us to let us know more.

When: February 4 at 2-3 p.m.

Where: Zoom

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