Lignin engineering and biomass valorization

Lignin engineering and biomass valorization

Publicerat 10 May, 2022

Welcome to a new webinar with a focus on lignin. This time we’ll get to know about the bottleneck in lignin valorization and valorization of forest biomass.

Lignin engineering – the bottleneck on the way to advanced integrated biorefineries

Mikhail Balakshin, Professor of Practice in Lignin Chemistry at Aalto University.

Plant biomass is a potential source of renewable energy, chemicals, and materials. The possibilities are great but there’s a hurdle to overcome. The bottleneck lies in lignin valorization. It is key to maximize the technical and economic outcomes from biorefinery to consider producing high-value products that prevent efficient utilization of all biomass components.

Biorefinery lignins are often classified as low-value products mainly due to low lignin purities in the crude material. However, recent research has shown that biorefinery lignins have a great chance of being successfully used as high-value products Which in turn should result in an economic renaissance of the whole biorefinery idea. This presentation is focused on integrated biorefineries based on sub- and supercritical water processes, which are green, simple, flexible, and industrially feasible.

Mikhail Balakshin is a Professor of Practice in Lignin Chemistry at Aalto University. His major academic achievements are in the development of state-of-the-art analytical methods in lignin characterization. He has held senior R&D positions at biorefinery companies in Russia, Canada, and the USA focusing on process development and industrial applications of lignins and other biomass components.


Bio Green Woods and its contribution to green initiatives through the valorization of biomass

Filipa Lima, R&D Chemical Engineer at BGW, Lissabon, Portugal.

With the mission of preserving the environment, Bio Green Woods has teamed up with nature to create a sustainable balance between man and the environment. The company describes itself as a pioneer in the total use of materials and energy.

Filipa, who works at BWG, will let us know how it all started and where the company wants to be in 10 years, aiming at an integral valorization of forest biomass. Topics that will be explored in the presentation are the production of bio-charcoal and its improvement, the valorization of pyroligneous liquids through the recovery of valuable bio-based chemicals, as well as through the development of alternative carbon materials, among others.

Filipa Lima has a master in Biological Engineering and Ph.D. in Refining, Petrochemical, and Chemical Engineering. She has focused her scientific work on wastewater valorization, sustainable strategies for cleaner fossil fuels, and biomass valorization. Currently, Filipa is head of R&D at BGW. Her work ranges from the development of new products/processes on a laboratory scale to industrial implementation.



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