GO realizes your product and help you rapidly reach the market

Normally going from an innovative thought to an actual product is difficult, risky and time consuming. Therefore, it is important to have the right skills, contacts and technical resources available. It allows you to significantly shorten the path, costs and risk. To succeed with this, we have created GO.

GO is about making international excellence, technology and industrial resources available to smaller companies and innovators. By doing so, you can quickly realize new products, manufacturing or industrial production at a minimal cost. GO simply offers a shortcut to a stronger deal. The road is shortened and more of your time and energy can be used for sales and real challenges.

GO contains three packages

  • GoAware – To build knowledge about opportunities to be able to make good and informed decisions about a possible first step
  • GoProduct – To produce a first product at minimum cost
  • GoScale – To establish a production that is scalable at the lowest cost and risk

Go is a unique collaboration between the Industry, the Academy, Paper Province, RISE and Region Värmland.

GoAware – For those who want to get started

Discover what opportunities there is and learn more about what new raw materials and technologies can do for you and your business!

With GoAware we aim to inspire and educate. We share world-leading knowledge and expertise in the field of lignin and green value-businesses. LignoCity2.0 can act as a guide and advisor on the first steps towards finding a way to develop your products and strengthen your business.

GoAware includes external monitoring, education, seminars, workshops, conferences and networking. By participation of this events we strive to help you understand what opportunities exist to quickly become productive and move on to GoProduct or GoScale. All to increase your chances of building values ​​to the minimum risk and cost.

GoProduct – From prototype or idea to product

GoProduct helps you to fast and accurately realize your first product or industrial process to the lowest cost. To do so we use support from technical world-leading expertise and industrial resources that previously only were available to large companies.

GoProduct gives you access to everything you need to produce the first product. For example instruments and tools, workshops, environments such as industrial floors and facilities to quickly build functional prototypes or pilot machines.

In addition to the practical equipment, LignoCity2.0 has unique access to a large-scale production of lignin with LignoCity.

Our resources also include the Academy. We collaborate with Karlstad University, whom can give advice in the field of material technology.

The support you receive is tailored to your needs and adapted to speed up the product development at a minimal cost.

GoScale – Manufacturing and production

Taking the step to production is usually a company’s most risky step. It includes machine investments, construction of manufacturing processes, certifications, recruitment of manufacturing personnel and risks of additional costs due to error decisions or operational problems. GoScale gives you unique conditions to establish a scalable production at minimum risk and minimum cost in small controllable steps.

In addition to the access to technical expertise and opportunities provided by GoProduct, you get access to RISE structures for certifications, contacts to leading R&D departments and Paper Province – Industry Entrance support, which opens the door to international industry networks and resources.

LignoCity’s location, next to Nordic Paper Bäckhammar, provides a smooth access to industrial resources such as steam, industrial sewage, strong current, mechanics, electricity, and automation services at an arm’s length.

You who have the chance to take part of GoScale will be assigned a personal guide. A person to lead the way, both to national and international industry networks and resources, which for many are impossible to reach.