Thesis projects

Ex-jobb linked to LignoCity2.0

If you´re a college student,  you could do your thesis related to the project LignoCity2.0. And as a company or innovator you could get help from a student to explore questions you may have regarding your innovation or product connected to lignin.

LiognoCity2.0 has a strong connection to the academy and research conducted in the area at Karlstad University. Therefore, we annually support students with their ex-jobs.

We welcome ideas and suggestions on issues that can be studied but also offer already exciting issues. For example, it could be about a start-up company that wants to review the market or a company who wants to make an existing product environmentally friendly and needs help along the way.

Issues for your essay

  • Master Thesis: Biomass to bio-fuels and bio-carbons by use of microwave enhanced pyrolysis
  • Master Thesis: Markets for & production of lignin-based polyurethanes (PU)
  • Master Thesis: Markets for and production of lignin-based flocculants and dispersing agents
  • Master Thesis: Upscaling of lignin-based polyesters
  • Master Thesis: Open innovation site & infrastructure for upscaling of lignin values chains
  • Master Thesis: Markets for and production of lignin in asphalt applications
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